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Thanksgiving: Faith, Family, and the Future

The next generation of the Frosty Tech Family

This year we have been blessed at Frosty Tech: We added several new partners, a couple team members, and numerous investors. We are excited and grateful for the different game-changing products hitting the shelves in the coming months and our long term developments in green refrigeration & cooling!

Growing up in the Bergida household, our family had a tradition of going around the Thanksgiving table and saying the ways we'd been blessed that year. Below are some of the ways in which the Frosty Tech family is grateful. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


Over this past year, there have been many changes both on a personal and business level that have led to great opportunities for growth.  I'm truly blessed and thankful for the gifts of faith, family, friends, and amazing business partners. Excited for the journey ahead!


Thankful that John and I have been privileged to share all things Frosty Cold and that God at every moment of need was there to dust us off and stand us back up. No secret formula, simply trusting the hand of God's handiwork.

Additionally, thankful for blessing our families. God's divine providence has surely been present with us throughout our time as partners as we will soon complete 10 years together this January and we're really just getting started...


I am grateful for freedom:  freedom of religion, freedom to love and the freedom to serve the world with my talents through my work.


Grateful for the incredible opportunities I've been given this year, both personal and professional, to serve the community and my growing family. God bless!


This year I am thankful for being brought onto the team at Frosty Tech and the wonderful opportunities it continues to bless me with. I am thankful for our newborn baby girl and the blessing of fatherhood. Finally, I am thankful for my beautiful wife Anna, who's love, joy and support strengthens me and drives me to be a better man.


Good health, great partners and God’s blessing!

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