non-toxic, re-usable, compostable

Non-toxic, "green" materials which are fully recyclable, retains all of its cooling ability, and when disposed of, has the same effect as fertilizer for plants.



100% "Green"

Frosty Cold is a environmentally conscious company.  Our Frosty Tech™ materials are 100% non-toxic, recyclable and Eco-friendly.


Our cooling systems completely eliminate HFC's, CFC's, Freon, and greenhouse gases.

Our technology also presents solutions for global food waste, emissions, heatwaves and lack of electricity for sustainable cold chains in remote areas and developing regions.


100% non-toxic, recyclable and Eco-friendly


greenhouse gases, HFC's, CFC's and Freon

Global Solutions 

for solving food waste, emissions, and lack of cold chains in remote and developing regions



restore the earth

Our technology is not only non-toxic, compostable and 100% recyclable, our materials are specifically designed to help the planet.  With our coolant, you can simply pour it out onto soil and it acts as fertilizer!  It wasn't enough to eliminate the need for HFC's, CFC's, Freon, and other toxic greenhouse gases, we wanted to go the extra mile to make a product that even after it's intended use is fulfilled, it then can help nourish, fertilize and renew the earth.

No Toxins 

in the materials, worry free disposal

Give Back

to the earth when you dispose of our product


the soil with a renewing fertilizer


Endless Possibilities

We continue to develop environmentally friendly technology that is 100% reusable, compostable and non-toxic.  We not only want to limit waste, pollution and harmful chemicals, but offer a superior product that will outperform current cooling technology and furthermore renew, nourish and fertilize the earth after our product has passed on from the consumer. 

For Frosty Tech,  there is no limits to where we can make the lives of others better, more efficient, and renewable.  We want to enable everyone, globally, with the colder, faster and longer power of Frosty Tech


the efficiency and longevity of eco-friendly cooling 


the current eco-friendly cooling technologies


new innovations for eco-friendly cooling needs

Frosty Tech™

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