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Two Goals

We begin our innovation process with the end in mind. With all of our inventions, we have two goals:

1) Increased Efficiency

2) A Positive Impact on Our Environment. 

Here are some of the ways our technology makes cooling more efficient: by reducing the amount of power needed to make products the desired temperature, increasing that temperature duration, eliminating/reducing waste, and minimizing costs.

Economical, Eco-friendly Inventions

Not only do our inventions economically disrupt and improve industries, but they are sustainable for our environment. While many companies claim to be eco-friendly, they usually only have a marginally better reduction of waste/impact on our footprint.

At Frosty Tech™, we not only aim to eliminate our footprint but in some cases to even have a net positive impact on our environment. 


the temperature duration required 

Reduce Power

necessary to achieve desired temperature


and reduce waste to minimize costs

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Custom Engineering

Collaborative Approach

Here’s what Custom Engineering looks like at Frosty Tech. Unlike a number of firms that charge exorbitant fees upfront to conduct R&D, Frosty Tech takes a more collaborative approach.

After initial discussions with partners and individual corporations, we look at the problem and break it down into first principles. Instead of merely trying to develop a better working product , we look at the end goal and see how our patented cooling-technology can reinvent the product  in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Validated Testing

Once we develop a prototype, we work with independent labs to validate and perfect our solutions. Outside manufacturers and distributors commercialize our green designs and distribute them to the marketplace. 


Please check out our Portfolio to see the different projects we are currently working on and what is available in the market today. 



approach to solve specific temperature needs

First Principles

form the building blocks of product reinvention 


testing by third party labs to ensure premium solutions

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Value Creation

Cooling Performance

Here at Frosty Tech™, we are committed not only to developing products that positively affect the environment and promote sustainability but also that immediately impact the bottom line. 


Our patented eco-friendly chemical formulas provide a premium product at a competitive price. Because of its power and efficiency, we are often able to innovate a solution that eliminates significant costs and increases savings. 

Cold Chain Industry

In the cold chain industry, by going back to first principles using our green-designed freezer gel, we were able to increase the duration of the desired temperature for a meal kit packout by 50% from 48-hrs up to 72-hrs. 


At the same time, our Enviro Ice™ gel packs within the packout greatly reduced the amount of waste from the packaging and increased the ease of recycling by the consumer.  


products that  positively affect the environment


sustainability for all temperature needs 


the bottom line with power and efficiency

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