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Pelton Shepherd Releases Enviro Ice™ Powered by Frosty Tech™

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

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Enviro Ice is manufactured by Pelton Shepherd and powered by Frosty Tech

Kansas City, MO, August 29, 2019– This week, major American cold pack and gel manufacturer, Pelton Shepherd Industries (PSI), released its new line of cold packs powered by Frosty Tech™.

“PSI is extremely excited to introduce a truly green solution for a gel ice refrigerant in Enviro Ice™,” said Tim Shepherd, Executive Vice President.

“It has been rigorously lab tested and proven to be drain-safe and double as a fertilizer for your plants! Consumers now have options that are environmentally safe to dispose of the gel packs they receive.”

Enviro Ice™ gel pack contents are non-toxic, reusable, and compostable.

While the industry standard is several weeks for freeze times, Enviro Ice™ can be flash frozen without any bulging or breaks in several hours. Shortened freeze times give businesses more flexibility in their fulfillment, especially for last-minute orders.

Two gel packs side-by-side. Standard pack bulges when flash frozen while the Enviro Ice drain safe gel does not.
Enviro Ice cuts down freeze times. It does not bulge when flash-frozen.

Pelton Shepherd Industries has been in the gel business since 1950. As the creators of BlueIce© and the oldest manufacturer of gel ice in the country, they continually improve the quality and reliability of their products to supply the most reliable gel pack formulations in the market.

Frosty Tech™ is a custom engineering and eco-innovation group. They provide premium temperature performance solutions. Frosty Tech™ headquarters out of St. Louis and Kansas City.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Tony Bergida at (913) 693-7230 or email To download images click here. To watch the Enviro Ice explainer video, click here.

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1 Comment

Tony Bergida
Tony Bergida
Sep 11, 2019

To see a recent ad we created about Enviro Ice, here's the YouTube link

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