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The Cold Chain Survey Results are...

Several weeks ago, we asked cold chain professionals what their biggest challenges were making and keeping products cold. To see the survey, click this link. While we are still collecting feedback, here’s what we’ve found so far:

The plurality of respondents have problems regarding the longevity of their cooling. A close second was the intensity of the cooling. Other professionals struggled with the size of the item they were trying to keep cold, preconditioning times, or what to do about returns of temperature-sensitive items.

In the past to deal with these problems, people have increased their amount of cooling, increased insulation, increased prep times, or even tried unconventional methods of keeping their product cold. A large number of respondents have yet to find a solution.

Here at Frosty Tech, we strive to break down problems into their first principles in order to find the simplest and most powerful way to improve efficiency in an eco-friendly way. While we currently specialize in cold chain and cooling technology, please check back in the coming months for more information regarding membranes, water treatment, and more.


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