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How Frosty Tech Helps Athletes

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

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Back in High School, I tore my ankle playing football. It burned like crazy, a long dull tingling that would not go away. Countless hours were spent lying on the couch with my foot elevated and a cold pack sitting on top. The ice felt good. But was it really treating my injury?

The science says probably not. Doctors recommend that cold packs for most injuries need to provide treatment in the temperature range of 33° F - 39° F for 20-30 minutes to facilitate meaningful recovery. Often, a cold pack will relieve the pain for a short period, but do very little toward improving recovery time.

Most cold packs don’t even go below 40° F, and when they do, they often can’t stay within the prescribed range for more than 10 -15 minutes.

Frosty Tech is looking to change that.

Part of the reason I started working here was because of the countless ways our patented technology improves healthcare and improves quality of life.

Our engineers have designed an instant on-demand cold pack that accomplishes what the doctor prescribes. In addition to being instant (first-time instant activation), our cold pack would be reusable and have increased performance.

The gel’s malleable properties would allow for more flexibility than what’s on the market and complete skin contact. Thus, our packs fully cover and treat the area of injury. Traditional cold packs are average at best, often filled with prills and/or lots of air, which hampers their cooling power.

Frosty Tech’s patented cooling gel has performed exceptionally well versus other mainstream cold packs in its testing. As of September 2019, we are looking for a reliable U.S. based instant ice pack manufacturer to make these medical cold packs a reality.

If you know of anyone we should be talking to, please let us know!


Frosty Tech is a custom engineering and eco-innovation group. We specialize in premium temperature solutions. To learn more about our patented tech, please explore

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