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Frosty Tech Passes Drain Safe Testing

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

The independent lab at Foresite has rigorously tested one of our new phase change materials for cold packs and certified it as totally drain-safe!  Zero clogs.  No effect on plumbing.  See below for excerpts and images from the full report:

Foresite labs, Frosty Tech tests, phase change material, drain safe, Enviro Ice, sustainable innovation, validated testing. non-explosive fertilizer.

Chemical analysis of Frosty Tech phase change materials, PVC pipes, sustainable test, drain safe test, Enviro Ice
Here's how the testing was set up

Frosty Tech material passes drain safe testing. PVC. Cold pack material. Chemical analysis. Foresite Labs. Frosty Tech.
Results of the Frosty Tech drain-safe test

Effect of Frosty Tech phase change material on PVC pipes. Hardness test. sustainable innovation. Foresite labs. Shore A hardness test. Sustainable innovation.
Effect on the PVC pipes

Enviro Ice™ is a +32°F formulation that uses the phase change materials tested in this study. To learn more, click here.

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