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Frosty Tech at the Rockies

Last week we traveled to Colorado to visit Otter Products and our associates at the Colorado School of Mines.

From left to right: John Bergida (President/Founder), David Leavitt (Chief Chemist), and Steve Sharpe (CEO)

We are working collaboratively with Otter Products using our Phase Change Materials for targeted cooling in their new line of re-usable shippers for wines and other temperature sensitive items. This is one part of our exciting developments in the Phase Change and Cold-Chain space.

In addition to enabling better coolers with greener materials for more efficient shipping, we are currently in talks with some of the largest food and medical distributors. Can’t wait to share more details as our first sales come in!

At the Colorado School of Mines, we met up with our Chief Chemist, David Leavitt, who is working with their leading membrane technology expert, Dr. Tzahi Cath, and his colleagues whose research is well respected around the world.

Together we are working on our closed-loop cooling system which is a revolutionary and truly green alternative to traditional A/C and refrigeration. We expect to have a working prototype within the next few months and commercial units within the next couple years.

To learn more about our Phase Change Materials coming to market, please click here. To learn more about our cooling systems subsidiary, please visit

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