Value Creation

Premium Cooling Performance, Reducing Waste, Risk, and Costs



Cooling Performance

Here at Frosty Tech™, we are committed not only to developing products that positively affect the environment and promote sustainability but also that immediately impact the bottom line. 


Our patented eco-friendly chemical formulas provide a premium product at a competitive price. Because of its power and efficiency, we are often able to innovate a solution that eliminates significant costs and increases savings. 


products that  positively affect the environment


sustainability for all temperature needs 


the bottom line with power and efficiency

Enviro Ice Regular Pack.png


increased duration


temperature duration


eco-friendly freezer gel

Case Study #1

Cold Chain Industry

In the cold chain industry, by going back to first principles using our green-designed freezer gel, we were able to increase the duration of the desired temperature for a meal kit packout by 50% from 48-hrs up to 72-hrs. 


At the same time, our Enviro Ice gel packs within the packout greatly reduced the amount of waste from the packaging and increased the ease of recycling by the consumer.  


costs and increase savings 


risk of product spoiling 


waste with efficiency


Case Study #2

Reduce Weight and Waste

For those companies searching to shrink their weight and footprint of cold chain shipments, we have thermally modeled a solution to decrease the overall weight of the packout by several pounds and also reduce the outer box by several inches.  This equals a lower shipping weight and savings on the delivery cost.


To learn more about our meal kits, click here to watch a short video. To learn more about Enviro Ice, click here.