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Frosty Cold Instant Ice cream Maker Coming Soon

Published on February 3, 2016

Steve Sharpe

CEO of Frosty Cold Tech

Frosty Cold has developed a powerless, high-quality ice cream maker that is stored in your freezer for making the most consistent, homemade ice cream you have ever experienced. We have the coldest product available on the market. There is no other homemade ice cream maker that compares to ours based on how cold it gets and the number of quality servings that can be made. Combined with the best consistency, in the shortest amount of time, there is no match. Our portable, no-power-required design has a sleek look and feel as well. Whenever you are ready to make ice cream, just remove from the freezer, and mix our recipe or choose one of your own. You’ll be enjoying the experience of making the best homemade ice cream ever, in just a matter of minutes. It can make 5 servings in about 15 minutes, and can make even more since the preparation surface remains extremely cold for up to 30 minutes. Please see our original design of the ice cream maker in action: https://youtu.be/vkq0vqd1x-4.

Our new and improved rectangular design maximizes the preparation cooling surface area and the ergonomic scraper makes homemade ice cream a fun and easy experience for all, so now you’ll be able to create your own quick and tasty treats! For more information regarding this product, please contact me at steve.sharpe@frostycoldtech.eco.

Commercial distribution contacts, are welcomed!


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