Shaker Bottle

Blend and Chill in


seconds as you shake

Lasting Chill

throughout your day

Easy Clean

detachable parts

Available Now


Can Cooler

Chills below


within minutes

Cooling as low as


colder than ice

Cooling lasts up to


for multiple uses

Coming Soon

Performance Data



Coming Soon

Keep beverages cold


longer than regular pitchers

Keeps beverages under


11x longer than before

No dilution from ice

preserving the taste and quality of beverage

Performance Data

In the Works

innovation and perfection

We are continually working on new projects, innovations and redesigns to bring our technology to every industry where there is the need for colder, faster, longer cooling!


Our Design Studio is equipped with a high-end 3D printer, with tools to create rapid prototypes and samples, as well as wireless temperature sensors to run real-world tests as part of the R&D process.


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