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With a temperature drop of ambient to colder than ice in ten seconds makes this form ideal for emergency treatment, camping, hiking and any other location where there is no access to refrigeration or ice packs immediately.



The First Form

Powder was the first form of Frosty Cold to be invented.  All you have to do is add any kind of water.


With the proper mix of powder and water the mixture drops from ambient to colder than ice in just ten seconds.

It provides quick cooling with no ice or refrigeration required.


Works with any kind of water; tap, river, lake, swamp, even salt water.


add water to powder, get colder than ice in seconds


quick cooling, no ice or refrigeration needed 


use any kind of water to activate the coolant  



Extend the Chill

Like the instant powder, the Frosty Cold instant gel reaps all of the same benefits, but turns into a gel upon activating.  The change in form allows it to maintain colder temperatures and last 50% longer than any instant cooling medical products on the market.

Its flexible qualities allow it to be adapted to a variety of shapes and cooling needs, from medical treatments to temperature controlled packages in shipment. With the ability to freeze for re-use, this gel makes products stay colder, faster and longer.

For the instant cold medical gel pack, simply roll-up and squeeze the water side of the pouch to activate.  Shake for ten seconds, and use.  It provides up to 30 minutes of cold therapy.  The unique gel properties, activated upon mixing, provide a much more soothing gel pack which also is 100% re-usable as a flexible freeze pack.


cooling therapy or protecting packages in shipments


50% longer than any instant cold packs on the market


maintains colder temperatures for an extended time


Instant Treatment

Provides effective care and relief for trauma, burns, heat-stroke, migraines, and concussions.


Instantly cold in seconds to provide on-the-spot cold therapy.


Frosty Tech™ packs can be custom shaped and contoured to fit inside insulated sleeves and braces.

Gets 2x colder than Urea based packs and lasts for 3x longer as well.  It’s the only instant cold pack that turns into a gel.


cold therapy for trauma, burns, heat-stroke and more

2x Colder 

than Urea based instant cold packs

3x Longer

than Urea and the only instant cold pack that turns to a gel



No Power, No Problem

Replacement for ice and freezer packs.  Just add water and shake for 10 seconds.  Works with any kind of water on-hand, even if it’s not potable.  When placed inside an insulated cooler, it can last for up to 12+ hours.


Chill down beverages, keep food cold, or cool yourself down on a hot day.  Perfect for hunters and fishermen.  It’s there when you need it and it will store for months to years before use.

Frosty Tech™ is a balanced and eco-friendly fertilizer when placed in the soil, so disposal after use is earth friendly and provides nutrients to enhance plant growth.



worlds only 100% safe fertilizer blend

Always Ready

for instant activation and will store for months even years


works with any type of water even if it's non-potable 


Endless Possibilities

We continue to work on improving current instant cooling applications as well as design and innovate new uses for instant cooling across a number of industries.

For Frosty Tech,  there is no limits to where we can make the lives of others better, more efficient, and renewable.  We want to enable everyone, globally, with the colder, faster and longer power of Frosty Tech


the efficiency and longevity of  instant cooling


the current instant cooling process and technologies


new innovations for various instant cooling needs