Enviro Ice +Plus™

The Most Eco-Friendly, Drain Safe Ice Pack

Enviro Ice +Plus™ is a +32°F formulation that is 100% drain safe.

Powered by Frosty Tech™ and manufactured by Pelton Shepherd Industries, it contains patented ingredients that allow it to be flash-frozen without deforming and to be used as plant food when diluted with water.


Rigorously tested and perfected with independent lab testing, this non-toxic freezer gel is The Future of Cooling™.

Latent Heat 

329 J/gram

Specific Heat 

4.11 J/gm C


1.01 g/ml

Thermal Conductivity

2.10 k - W/m K.


100% Drain Safe

The Most Eco-Friendly Drain Safe Ice

Enviro Ice +Plus™ underwent rigorous lab testing and development to become the most eco-friendly drain safe ice pack.  It contains an all-natural drain cleaner which generates zero clogs. Enviro Ice +Plus™ has no impact to PVC pipes even when in elevated temperatures for weeks.  Being 100% drain safe eliminates the hassle of disposal and reduces land-fill waste. Enviro Ice +Plus™ is safe for pouring down a household drain or flushing in a toilet.  For the plastic pouch, simply rinse it and recycle anywhere #4 low density polyethylene plastic is accepted.

Zero Clogs

and contains an  all-natural cleaner


most eco-friendly ice pack on the market


third party lab testing and development 

Flash Freeze

No Bulging or Uneven Packs

Enviro Ice +Plus™ cuts down delivery and pre-freezing times from the industry standard of up to several weeks to just a few hours. 


The ice packs maintain their shape perfectly for tighter packouts. This eliminates the potential of bulging and uneven packs.


Enviro Ice +Plus™ improves both the efficiency and consistency of handling.

Cut Delivery Time

from the industry standard of weeks to just a few hours


shape without bulging,  uneven packs or breakage


efficiency and consistency of delivery and handling


Plant Growth

25% Greater Growth

Enviro Ice +Plus™ is the only eco-friendly ice pack available which also easily recycles as plant food.  Simply dilute Enviro Ice +Plus™ with tap water at home to create a balanced fertilizing mix.


An ongoing independent plant growth study, using Enviro Ice +Plus™, shows 25% greater plant growth and improved coloring for corn and soybeans.  The final results will also measure the plants’ yield, nutrient value, and overall vitality.  Enviro Ice +Plus™ provides an unparalleled positive impact on the environment.



positive impact on the environment

25% Growth

and improved coloration of corn and soybeans


only ice pack in the industry both eco-friendly and easily recyclable


Endless Possibilities

We continue to develop new blends of PCM's to meet global cold chain needs by solving current shortcomings and creating new opportunities with better solutions.

At Frosty Tech™, our eco-innovations and custom engineered solutions are aimed to make the lives of others better, more efficient, and renewable.


the efficiency and longevity of PCM applications 


the current PCM industry and technologies


new innovations for various PCM needs everywhere

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