Non-Toxic and Drain-Safe. Designed for Reuse or Plant Food



Two Goals

We begin our innovation process with the end in mind. With all of our inventions, we have two goals:

1) Increased Efficiency

2) A Positive Impact on Our Environment. 

Here are some of the ways our technology makes cooling more efficient: by reducing the amount of power needed to make products the desired temperature, increasing that temperature duration, eliminating/reducing waste, and minimizing costs.


the temperature duration required 

Reduce Power

necessary to achieve desired temperature


and reduce waste to minimize costs



reducing our footprint


for every industry


for our environment


Economical, Eco-friendly Inventions

Not only do our inventions economically disrupt and improve industries, but they are sustainable for our environment. While many companies claim to be eco-friendly, they usually only have a marginally better reduction of waste/impact on our footprint.

At Frosty Tech™, we not only aim to eliminate our footprint but in some cases to even have a net positive impact on our environment. 


plant coloration and yield* 

25% Increased

plant growth fertilizer


third party testing

*final test results will measure plant yield, nutrient value and overall vitality.

Case Study

Increased Plant Growth

We currently have ongoing testing at independent labs that show when our core patented-technology is watered down and fed to plants, that they see a 25% increase in growth.

It also shows improved coloring for corn and soybeans.  The final results will also measure the plants’ yield, nutrient value, and overall vitality.