Custom Engineering

Temperature solutions driven by modeling data and validated testing




Here’s what Custom Engineering looks like at Frosty Tech. Unlike a number of firms that charge exorbitant fees upfront to conduct R&D, Frosty Tech takes a more collaborative approach.

After initial discussions with partners and individual corporations, we look at the problem and break it down into first principles. Instead of merely trying to develop a better working product , we look at the end goal and see how our patented cooling-technology can reinvent the product  in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.


approach to solve specific temperature needs

First Principles

form the building blocks of product reinvention 


testing by third party labs to ensure premium solutions



temperature solutions


third party lab testing


prototypes of solution

Validated Testing

Ensuring Premium Temperature Solutions

Once we develop a prototype, we work with independent labs to validate and perfect our solutions. Outside manufacturers and distributors commercialize our green designs and distribute them to the marketplace. 


Please check out our Portfolio to see the different projects we are currently working on and what is available in the market today. 

100% Green

and renewable cooling 


high-pressure systems


and eliminate CFC, HFC.

Case Study

Beverage Solutions

Back in 2011, we were collaborating with several of the largest companies in the beverage industry to explore the viability of an instant, self-cooling can. What we found out is that the bigger threat to sustainability and the larger opportunity to create value was through replacing refrigeration entirely.

Our collaboration lead in 2016 to the launch of our subsidiary company, Frosty Cooling Systems, which is focused on the development and commercialization of powered cooling and membrane filtration technologies. We are on schedule to have a working closed-loop cooler prototype ready in 2020.  This cooler design will completely replace and eliminate CFC, HFC, and high-pressure systems with a new 100% green and renewable cooling process that operates efficiently at low pressure.


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