Closed Loop

Eliminate HFC's, Greenhouse Gases

Eco-friendly solution that is non-toxic and 100% renewable.



Eco-friendly, non-toxic, renewable

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning powered by Frosty Tech™ totally eliminates HFC’s, CFC’s, Freon and other greenhouses gases.


No high pressures unlike CO2 coolers.  Eco-friendly solution that is non-toxic and 100% renewable.

Fully recyclable, retains all of its cooling ability with no new Frosty Tech™ material or water having to be added to the system.


no HFC's, CFC's, Freon and other greenhouses gases

No High Pressure

unlike current CO2 coolers

100% Recyclable

retaining all of its cooling ability no additions needed


Cooling System

Membrane Separation

Frosty Tech™ powder when mixed with water goes from ambient to colder than ice in just 10 seconds. In a cooling system, the patented Frosty Tech™ material goes through a specialized membrane and then re-mixes with water in a closed-loop to provide refrigeration, A/C, commercial chillers, and data center cooling.


of the materials produces 100% of it's cooling ability


technology separates the materials from water


mix to create the cooling drop to colder than ice



Endless Possibilities

Currently building a working unit in collaboration with industry leading experts on membrane separation.  Successfully separated out all of the water from the Frosty Tech™ material just using membranes. 

For Frosty Tech,  there is no limits to where we can make the lives of others better, more efficient, and renewable.  We want to enable everyone, globally, with the colder, faster and longer power of Frosty Tech


the efficiency and longevity of cooling applications 


the current cooling process and technologies


new innovations for various cooling needs everywhere