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Collaboration. Partnerships. Licensing. 

We collaborate directly with manufacturers and major brands to develop next gen cooling solutions and products powered by Frosty Tech™. 

Our Design Studio is equipped with a high-end 3D printer, with tools to create rapid prototypes and samples, and wireless temperature sensors to run real-world tests as part of the R&D process.

The 5 Key Forms of Frosty Tech™ are produced by our established contract compounders in the US and Europe in world-class facilities with the capacity to produce multiple truckloads per day and scale to meet any size demand our partners and licensees require.  All of our blends are covered by multiple issued patents as well as numerous trade secrets.

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Innovating Technology Platforms

We target markets with billion dollar brand potential.

We conduct R&D work with manufacturers, major brands, and distributors.

We focus on B2B licensing and partnerships creating value-added solutions that save costs, reduce risks, and unlock new avenues of sales.

We use first principles to tackle and solve global needs including cooling, air sanitation, and water treatment.


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